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Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) allows you to fly recreationally Australia wide however it does not authorise you to work commercially. It’s perfect if you’re less interested in pursuing a career in aviation however still interested in becoming a pilot.

On completing this course, you will be able to fly a helicopter solo and with passengers on board.  You may also choose to continue to complete further training and type ratings or progress to your Commercial Pilot Licence.

Flight training

Your flight training will consist of a minimum 50 hours which will include the following aspects:

Theory Training

The following topics are covered in the Private Pilots Licence:

The private theory exam encompasses all 7 subjects and can be conducted in house with our PEXO exam approval.

Study is conducted either via self-study, correspondence or full/part time, the choice is yours and is largely based around how you learn best, work or other commitments.


Private tutoring is offered to students where required, please contact us for more information.


You will have the option to complete your training in the following aircraft types:

Flight Test

Once your training is completed and you’re a competent helicopter pilot you will be required to undergo a flight test, don’t worry its nothing you haven’t already learned. Corsaire Helicopter Flight Training can conduct your flight test in house by our Head of Operations, Trent Clayton. Having already flown with Trent throughout your licence will remove the “test” stigma.

Further Training

On completion of your Private Pilots Licence Corsaire Helicopter Training can facilitate the following further training: