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Congratulations on taking the first steps to finding out how to become a helicopter pilot. Corsaire Helicopter Flight Training offer private and commercial helicopter licences as well as type ratings, instructor ratings and night ratings. We are the only flight school in Western Australia with the ability to teach to either the latest Part 141 standard¹ and the earlier CAR 5 system².

With over 7500 combined flight hours our industry leading instructors will ensure you reach your full potential. You will have the opportunity to learn from their years of “real world” experience and immense knowledge, we aim to produce world class pilots who are industry ready.


¹ The ICAO (international civilian aviation organisation) compliant part 141 (150 hour) commercial licence gives you the ability to fly in many different countries worldwide without completing a licence conversion test.

² The CAR 5 (105hour) commercial licence is shorter and therefore cheaper however it is only recognised here in Australia.