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210R Centurion

The rare and sought after 210R was the last of the Cessna 210 models made. The Cessna 210R is a single engine piston aircraft that seats 5 passengers. Being a high wing aircraft the 210R provides unrestricted views for all passengers. Our R model comes with long range fuel tanks giving a huge 900nm range (1665km), which makes it a perfect light aircraft charter from Perth to Broome. With its impressive payload and short field capability the 210R gives access to a large range of remote airfields. We find it great for our island flights such as the Abrolhos and Rottnest. Book a Cessna flight today.

  • Passengers: 5
  • Maximum Altitude: 10,000ft
  • Cruising Speed: 150kts
  • Range: 900nm (1665km)
  • Payload: up to 530kg
  • Pressurized: No